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Elissa Jewell

Food & Exercise

Elissa Jewell is a personal trainer, sports nutrition expert and lifestyle coach whose mantra is to "be the change you want to

see in the world." 

Elissa has operated Jewell Body Sculpting for over 7 years and has worked with hundreds of women to educate them to make long term, sustainable changes and promotes a flexible and enjoyable approach to nutrition.

Healthy eating and fitness in not a form of "punishment" but a means by which you express yourself. It's a way to say to yourself that you are valuable and that you understand that growth can only happen when you are tenacious and confident enough to venture out of your comfort zone. 

Timothy O'Leary

The Experience of Fathers

Timothy O'Leary is a Social Worker with a Masters in

Couples Therapy and a Graduate Diploma in Parent-Infant Mental Health.

He has two primary-school aged children and is the author of Dads Who Can - Love, Nurture, Play; Get Smarts - the new brain-gain study system and Parents Who Can - the secrets to raising happy kids.

Tim's work focuses on child development, learning and success, as well as  relationships. His book, The Relationship First-Aid Kit is being published by Hay House in June 2017.

Julie Peipers

Dr. Julie Peipers (Osteopath)

Julie graduated as an osteopath in 1996 and has spent the

last twenty years in private practice, treating the general public, mothers and babies, and as a lecturer in osteopathy.

She is a director of Northcote Osteopathic Clinic, one of Melbourne’s oldest and most respected osteopathic clinics.  She has also consulted and taught internationally in both India and Japan.

Having four children of her own, Julie understands the highs and lows of motherhood and the difficulties that new mothers face. Her presentation is aimed at giving you a better understanding of your own musculoskeletal system and ways that you can prevent injury and stay pain free during the different stages of motherhood.

Danielle Maguire


Danielle is a qualified Acupuncturist, herbalist and human biologist with a post graduate in natural fertility training.

Her approach is holistic and treats both the mind and body,

as she combines the gentle, natural treatment of Chinese Medicine with a measurable, clinical approach.

Danielle's practice, Embrace Acupuncture treats hormonal imbalances, improves infertility and helps women to heal in both mind and body.

Sharon Flynn

The Fermentary

Sharon Flynn is an author, teacher, Mother and owner / founder

of The Fermentary, a thriving artisanal business based in Daylesford Victoria, that produces authentic, slow fermented vegetables and kefirs. 

She has a passion for nutritious food that is both beautiful to make and delicious to eat, and conducts workshops, passing on her know-how to the growing numbers of home fermenters who want to learn this ancient practice.

Sharon is based between their home Fitzroy North and the business in Daylesford, she and partner Roger, with their brood of five kids, can usually be found elbow-deep in brine, experimenting with new and exciting ferments which #maycontaintracesoflove.

Nathalie Heynderickx


A qualified yoga instructor, masseur and wellness coach, Nathalie's experience and understanding of how to create a successful career whilst enjoying a lifestyle which is caring and nurturing for the soul makes her a perfect addition to our expert panel.

Nathalie's consulting business, Zen High Achiever, helps busy women balance a hectic schedule without sacrificing time, energy, well-being or a personal and social life.

During her 30 minute presentation, Nathalie will be introducing you to mindfulness techniques which you can use daily to increase energy, and reduce stress.

Pippa Campbell

Recognising when help is needed and how to find it

Program Director of Motherhood Matters and founder of

The Nests

Pippa is a doula, birth attendant and early parenting coach. She works with parents to provide the support needed for parents to flourish and babies to thrive.

During her time working one on one with families she realised there was a greater need and she conceived the idea of The Nests - permanent centres with all the support services families need in one place.

The Motherhood Matters Events are community building, awareness raising and fundraising events for The Nests.

When not working on her grand plans she is hanging out with her husband and 3 children in their wine bar in Fitzroy.

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Motherhood Matters

It's time to get real about motherhood. There is so much we don't talk about, honestly. At our events we talk about relationships, stress, money, your pelvic floor, our bodies and our hearts. Motherhood is not a gig for superwoman it's a rite of passage that requires honesty, humility and really good friends. I have gathered passionate, awesome speakers to help us thrash out the truth and offers some practical support. 

Pippa Campbell - Program Director of Motherhood Matters and founder of The Nests


One on one support is the most powerful medium for meeting the challenges of motherhood. Address specific issues such as sleep and feeding but also deal with your emotion...
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